Vulnerability Management

In a growing threat landscape, are you looking for ongoing assessment of your IT environment in line with evolving regulatory compliance? Take a look at some web application vulnerability statistics for 2015:

External security assessments are important. They give you a real-world experience of how a dedicated attacker might behave when targeting your organisation. They also uncover vulnerabilities your team were not aware of. Unfortunately these are the very vulnerabilities which are exploited.

In a constantly changing environment, how are you going to identify and manage risks tomorrow and the next day?

Protega’s Vulnerability Management gives you real-time, global visibility into where your IT systems are vulnerable to the latest threats. We can help you perpetually secure your IT infrastructure and comply with internal policies and external regulations.

Protega’s solutions can keep track of your networks, machines and web applications and accurately tell you when new vulnerabilities emerge. We can run and manage your reports or we can give you the tools and regular patch advice to fix things before an attacker knows you are vulnerable.