Next Generation SIEM

Looking for greater real-time monitoring capability? How quickly can your team discover and resolve security issues? Take a look at the average time for Australian businesses to fix an information security related incident 2014:

Protega’s SIEM Solutions track and analyse machine data to monitor your firewalls, IPS, servers, applications and virtually all other critical assets in your technology environment 24×7.

How are you currently monitoring your environment? Does your board have concerns over internal data security? How long would it take you to see if one of your technology environments was breached? Maybe you have moved into an outsourced model and want greater visibility of security incidents (and actions taken) from your outsourcing partner?

Whatever your SIEM requirements, Protega has you covered. Our team has applied next generation Security Incident & Event Management solutions to environments across enterprise and mid-markets. We understand the importance of being alerted on potential breaches and vulnerabilities across all devices in real-time. Whether you are interested in one of our managed service options, or want us to give you the tools and training to do things your own way, we can help you.