Security Policy Management

Are constantly changing business demands preventing you from managing your network security effectively? We predict the likely network security challenges in 2015:

If you are like many of our mid-range and enterprise customers, you need to make network changes quickly and securely. This can be a resource-hungry exercise and inefficiencies do creep in, resulting in projects stalling or ballooning out in cost.

Protega’s orchestration solutions effectively map and document all of your network assets. This provides you with true visibility into your network devices, firewall policies and enables greater business connectivity regardless of the complexity and size of your network.

We can help automate design, implementation and verification of device policy changes based on a holistic view of your network topology. Our solutions reduce manual effort considerably while increasing accuracy, enabling you to complete network changes in a fraction of the time.

Protega’s solutions can assist you to automatically design, provision and audit your network security changes. This helps you to ensure greater compliance, and frees-up your team from the constant demand for manual changes.