Robust Perimeter Security

Concerned about DDOS? At Protega we are guessing that safe-keeping of your public website is one of your key operational objectives? We predict the motivation ratios behind attacks in 2015:

If you are like the majority of our customers, your web presence is an essential part of your business and in most cases a critical revenue stream.

Denial of Service style attacks are becoming more frequent and can harm your business and lose you customers due to website down time and brand damage.

In a world of global connections, cyber threats know no boundaries. Our perimeter solution can protect you from hackers that could steal your application data, compromise your users or take your website offline.

Protega’s solutions protect against those malicious attackers trying to penetrate your perimeter and cause you problems.

Our consultants provide assessments of your current level of perimeter security and make specific recommendations concerning what can be done to make you more secure.