Assured Data Encryption

Concerned about what happens if you are breached? What kind of information can be extracted? Take a look at the percentage of customers in your country that will never do business with you again if your organisation reports a financial data breach:

Despite your best efforts, breaches can happen. There, we said it. If you have concerns over data-centric legislation then accepting this fact is the first step towards compliance. The next step is to ensure that anyone who breaches your environment isn’t able to extract private information like customer’s personal data or cardholder information.

Our encryption solutions deliver peerless assurance. We ensure personal information, databases or applications are secured, whether in a physical or virtual data centre, or in the cloud.

Protega has the solution to meet your needs. Whether your most important assets are stored in a physical or virtual data centre, or you have a cloud model, our experts are highly experienced in providing tailored solutions that ensure your data is protected at rest, or in flight.