Advanced Monitoring

You may have an ‘information security clean bill of health today but it’s likely that your IT environment will change and be vulnerable to new threats tomorrow? Take a look at the top external threats for 2015:

Protega is equipped to research and discover vulnerabilities within your network. We can also provide you with the tools and resources to remediate against those vulnerabilities and ultimately help you become more secure. If you want to remain secure though, this work is only just the beginning.

Our solutions help you discover assets, tag them and understand their place in your environment. We identify gaps and help you identify which ones are exploitable – and we do it in real-time.

Protega’s continuous monitoring identifies vulnerabilities instantaneously in line with the ever changing global threat landscape. We alert your (or our) first responders in real-time via our cloud continuous monitoring solution, putting your business one step ahead of cyber criminals globally. This gives you peace of mind that you are protected against today’s threats – and tomorrow’s.