Smart Authentication

Protecting your environment from unknown threats outside is paramount of course, but what about potential threats inside your organisation? We predict the likely network security challenges in 2015:

If you are like many Protega customers who are considering how best to protect themselves against employees and third parties working on the inside, you’ll see the need for specialist assistance. In a climate where BYOD and ‘work from anywhere’ is more commonplace, authentication is becoming more of a pressing issue for small to large businesses.

The Protega team has worked with customers on a variety of challenges across key management and privileged and non-privileged authentication. We understand the importance of protecting your data from all angles and providing assurance over who accesses what.

Our team works with you to implement tailored solutions. This gives you greater control over who has access rights to which parts of your IT environment and crucially; to which individuals within your organisation can download or extract data.