Adaptable Service Delivery

At Protega, we are aware that no two technology environments are the same. Our Consultants’ vast experience of delivering true value to our customers stems from partnering with organisations from various industries across Australia, Asia and Europe. We understand that each organisation requires their own unique partnership with Protega, depending on the challenges they face. Whether the preferred approach is Managed Services, Professional Services, Training Solutions or an amalgamation of all of the above, Protega can mould and adapt these amenities to your company’s specific needs, delivering quality across multiple disciplines at once.

  • Simulated Spear Phishing

    Did you know that 91% of data breaches start via a Spear Phishing incident?

    Forget Nigerian princes -- today’s spear phishing is a sophisticated business, fooling even the most seasoned security professionals.

    Spear phishing is a highly effective way for hackers to gain access to a company’s or agency’s resources.

    Testing your employees with simulated phishing attacks is an important part of your overall security awareness program. Protega make it easy to measure and demonstrate your employees’ aptitude and attitude on Spear Phishing emails.

    Protega provides expert guidance to perform a Spear Phishing simulation on your behalf.  Experienced consultants assess your employees’ behavior to identify the most effective type of simulation possible. 

    We then gather data and measure the results of the phishing simulation to determine recommendations for resilient awareness programs.

    The Simulation includes:

    Campaign planning and design

    Expert consulting and guidance

    Phishing campaign assessment, execution, measurement, and reporting

  • Managed Services

    Protega's Managed Services Centre has been delivering continuous value to our customers for over eight years. We have the tools and skills to manage as much or as little of your security environment as you require. Let us take care of your incident management & alerts, regular security assessment, periodic security tests and your remediation needs as required; and we will leave you to take care of running and growing your company. 

    Our Managed Service options can be easily tailored to your organisation's needs and we can work with you to identify which service levels work best for your technology, risk and business requirement, and your industry specific regulatory needs.

  • Professional services

    Protega’s Security Solutions are developed and integrated with three distinct values being front of mind.

    We concentrate on;

    1. High levels of security and regulatory compliance
    2. Connectivity that keeps threat profiles as up to date as anything else in the market, and
    3. A focus to deliver these outcomes with minimal impact on your business, system performance and system availability.

    Protega’s professional services team embraces all of these values.

    We want to help you to manage your security environment better and maintain the most up-to-date threat, vulnerability and patch advice to remain secure. Our key goal is to give you the freedom to manage your operations and business growth, while managing your technology risk profile and regulatory compliance.

    Our team has extensive experience delivering unique, best-in-class solutions to enterprise, mid-market and SME customers throughout Australia, Asia and Europe. Protega works hard to understand your environment, technology and risk requirements and regulatory challenges and help tailor solutions that give your team the tools to manage your environment more precisely and more efficiently.

  • Training Solutions

    How cognizant of cyber threats is your workforce? Is your technical team aware of the threats out there and best-practice counter-measures?

    Protega’s training courses are specifically tailored to your needs. We teach your technical team our ethical hacking methods and the malicious hacking techniques commonly used to breach and exploit networks like yours. We detail the various common vulnerabilities which exist in everyday systems and how they are typically exploited. Protega also coaches your development teams on how to code more securely.

    We teach your users best practices for network and systems use, BYOD and remote login, social engineering tactics and malware attacks. Our courses can be tailored specifically to your business needs. We design the courses to be as involved and technical as you require for your tech-teams, or to be more process and awareness-driven for the less-technical audience.

    Modules we cover include:

    • Overview: Who is the enemy? What are they attacking? Why?
    • Threat Profile
    • Data Handling
    • Secure Design
    • Secure Development
    • Web Services
    • Thick Clients
    • OWASP