Committed to Compliance

Protega is focused on securing your organisation against collateral and commercial damage that can result from malicious cyber attacks. Whilst compliance recognises good practice, it is also often mandatory for certain business activities. Our products, services and solutions painlessly enable you to achieve compliance with complex regulatory requirements across various industries and jurisdictions.


Our team has extensive experience implementing technology solutions which address the requirements of compliance frameworks and legislation, including:

APRA PPG-234 – The Australian prudential practice guide for the management of security risk within a financial environment.

PSPF – The Protective Security Policy Framework provides the mandated and informational requirements around protecting and securing government business and information, applicable to all agencies.

ISO27001:2013  – Information Security Management System and certification. We believe this is a must for any organisation that wishes to demonstrate good risk management practices.

COBIT 5 - COBIT provides a set of recommended best practices for governance and control process of information systems and technology with the essence of aligning IT with business.

ISO31000:2009 – Risk Management and Risk Assessment Techniques.

HIPPAA – We can help you with privacy rule compliance, secure your PHI, give assurance in confidentiality compliance and safeguard against breaches. Whilst this is a US Federal Act, it has connotations for international health customers.

Regional risk and security guidelines (NSW M2012-15, VIC WoVG ISMF, QGCIO IS18)

APP (Australian Privacy Principles)